Terry was my mentor following my decision to adjust my lifestyle away from my FTSE executive role to a non-executive portfolio career. During this time he provided me with the benefit of his deep commercial acumen in general and the NED market and what was needed to be successful in the role and help drive a business forward in particular. Terry’s own personal NED experience proved to be really insightful when discussing and resolving challenges I encountered during this transitional period. I believe Terry would be a great mentor for any individual going through this type of career transition or any company looking for an internationally experienced NED.

Duncan Crocker
Chairman of the Board

Terry mentored me in my transition from corporate leadership into an independent portfolio career. He generously shared his own experiences with me, knew the likely "bears on the road" and held me as I made the necessary early decisions. He taught me to find my balance and helped me trust my instincts as I started pedalling on my own. His support was invaluable and I am forever grateful. Thanks Terry!

Ron Ridderbeekx
Executive Director and Strategic Engagement Consultant

Terry helped, coached and supported me through a recent role transition, and always had great answers and suggestions for me to take away and think about from our conversations together. I am extremely thankful for his guidance and feel I have greatly benefited from his advice and knowledge.

Andrew Orphanou
EMEA Customer Logistics Manager
LEGO Group

Terry’s international background and his broad experience as a senior executive operating at board level have helped me reflect on my strengths and shape a successful strategy for my next career move …. Terry has great coaching skills and I have really valued his structured and supportive approach.

François Massie
Group CFO
Entreprises Audemard

He listened, shared his very broad experience and gave positive, specific advice – not just what to do, but how to do it and why. This was invaluable in helping me to determine my next best steps and obtain a new, exciting permanent role.

Susannah Verity
Senior Legal Counsel
Sky Media UK

Though we have very different backgrounds, I found Terry's broad business experience and international perspective to be particularly helpful in my search for a new position after having moved from overseas. He quickly identified my strengths and areas in need of improvement as a job seeker, and provided valuable assistance in CV improvement, job searching, interview preparation, and tailoring a networking strategy that I expect will be of long-term value to my career.

James Kurtz
Director, Data Science
Capital One

Terry provided valuable insight and a pragmatic approach to help achieve my next career move. His business experience complements his mentoring skills as someone who has been there and done it.

Stuart Atkinson
Nulli Secundus Consulting

Terry kept my energy levels high throughout a transitional period in my life. His ability to offer clarity of perspective and direction though the use of a simple "toolkit" went way beyond my expectation of what mentoring could do for me. He really helped me focus on priorities. He’s also extremely conscientious and professional and, just as importantly, is enjoyable to work with.

Ian Beswick
Business Consultant to Private Equity and Industry