Career enhancement

Do you need help to progress your career?

Are any of the following statements true?

  • You’re facing an uncertain future because you have received a redundancy notice or your role has been identified as “at risk”.
  • You’ve already been made redundant and you’re keen to move quickly into a new role.
  • You want to improve your chances of promotion at your current organisation.
  • You’re looking for greater flexibility, either by working as a contractor or by taking on an interim role.
  • You’re thinking of making the transition to a plural career – for example, as a non-executive director (NED) – because you want:
    • greater control over your own activities
    • more variety and unpredictability
    • an escape from corporate politics
    • freedom from traditional restrictions such as retirement age or a rigid nine-to-five 
    • an opportunity to use the experience, skills and abilities you have gained during your career to date.
  • You’re already a non-executive director but you’re having trouble finding suitable roles.
  • You’re considering setting up your own company but you’re not sure if it’s a good idea at this time and you’re worried about the potential risks.
  • You’re thinking about exiting a business you own and moving on to a new endeavour.
  • You’d like a better work/life balance.
  • You’re simply looking for a new challenge but you’re not quite sure what your next step should be.

If you recognise your situation in any of the above, I can help you take the next step on an enhanced career path. 

And you don’t need to fear souring your relationship with your current company or colleagues, as I will guarantee absolute confidentiality in all my dealings with you – whether you become my client or not.

Whom can I help?

I work with senior executives ranging from board directors to middle managers who wish to:

  • obtain a new position following redundancy
  • find a new challenge in their current field
  • transition to a plural career
  • move to a more flexible role
  • set up their own business.

Why choose me to guide your career management steps?

News of actual or potential redundancy can often come as a shock and produce knee-jerk reactions. Anxious individuals may send out a flood of CVs and set up a raft of networking meetings before they have really thought about their ideal role, their value to a potential employer, and how they can best position themselves as an attractive candidate. 

As a result, many fine executives either end up in a mismatched role or take much longer than necessary to secure their ideal new position. My career enhancement service has been proved to significantly reduce the risk of these things happening.

Over the past 14 years I have helped numerous senior executives to take their career to the next level. I have done this not only through my own company, but also as a consultant for LHH, part of the Adecco Group – the largest and most successful career transition organisation globally. 

I have personal experience of setting up two businesses, operating both nationally and internationally, and have achieved a lucrative exit from one of them. 

Typically, my career enhancement clients achieve:

  • a new role with their preferred type of employer
  • a pay rise, even where this was not a primary objective
  • significantly improved employability for the future.

Check out the testimonials featured on this page, and contact me for any further background information you would like.

What does my career enhancement service include?

Career transition 

Once you engage me, I will work with you to understand your objectives and what you expect from my service, and to agree a plan of action. The plan will be individually tailored to you, your circumstances, your goals and your requirements, but will normally include: 

  • recommendations for developing and optimising all elements of your personal brand, including your CV and your LinkedIn profile
  • leverage of your personal network and appropriate online and offline recruitment consultants and headhunters to identify suitable opportunities
  • specific guidance on group and one-to-one networking 
  • interview and presentation training and practice
  • pointers on negotiation once you’ve received an offer
  • development of your first 90-day plan once you’ve accepted an offer
  • longer-term career planning.

Setting up your own business

To give you the best chance of success, the main areas we will consider are:

  • commercial feasibility of the enterprise
  • choice of business format – private limited company, often known as a limited liability company (LLC); limited liability partnership (LLP), or sole trader
  • definition of your market and customer base
  • networking and promotion
  • financing.

How do I deliver my career enhancement service?

I counsel my clients in strictly confidential one-to-one sessions via any or all of the following:

  • telephone calls
  • virtual communication platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • face-to-face meetings where practical and COVID-safe.

My clients usually engage me for three or six months, but we will tailor the term to your requirements.

What now?

To learn more about how I can help you rise to the career challenges you are facing, contact me now in complete confidence to discuss your needs.