Workshops and seminars

Do you want to improve your employees’ skills and drive organisational change?

Do you suspect your key employees are failing to realise their full potential? You are probably right. But are you worried about the costs that a staff training programme might entail? The best way to keep costs down while producing a memorable, enjoyable and effective training event is to harness the know-how of an experienced training partner.

Why use an external trainer?

The right outside training partner will bring you several benefits.

  • They will improve your organisational efficiency, by:
    • devising a great training programme, allowing your company to focus on its core competencies
    • helping you align training initiatives with key business objectives, so that all training efforts support larger company goals
    • helping you implement post-training follow-up courses and refreshers – enabling you to maximise learning ROI and better determine training’s impact on company operations, culture, etc.
  • They will give you better control of training costs, by helping to identify and reduce the costs associated with content development, delivery, logistics and post-training follow-up, as well as other unseen costs. 
  • They will offer you access to crucial expertise that you don’t have in-house.
  • They will ensure a higher level of learning consistency across the enterprise by exposing delegates to proven training techniques.
  • They will allow your people to learn their new skills faster and apply them sooner, which can translate into competitive advantage for your business.

Why choose me as your training partner?

My background and hands-on experience of all the topics covered in my presentations and workshops enable me to give practical rather than theoretical guidance. In my workshops I use real-life case studies to illustrate the themes and enhance participants’ understanding of the issues and solutions.

My workshops are carefully structured, and can be tailored to the needs of your delegates. They will typically include:

  • best practice presentations on key subjects
  • real-life case studies from my own experience and from the wider business world
  • group discussions
  • individual and group exercises to put learning into practice
  • question and answer sessions
  • distribution of best practice white papers on relevant topics.

I also offer the opportunity for follow-up discussions on matters where delegates need specific advice. 

What topics do I cover?

My extensive experience of the commercial world enables me to offer workshops and seminars on a considerable range of best business practice topics. Some of the most requested themes are:

  • strategic planning and implementation
  • personal branding
  • key performance indicators 
  • business continuity and disaster recovery
  • performance management
  • developing a non-executive director and portfolio career
  • transitioning to a new role.

How do I deliver the service?

I can deliver my training programmes in a number of ways:

  • at your company premises 
  • at an off-site location 
  • via virtual communication platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

What now?

Do you wish to fill the skills gaps in your organisation in an engaging and cost-effective way? Then contact me now to discuss your needs.