Terry kept my energy levels high throughout a transitional period in my life. His ability to offer clarity of perspective and direction though the use of a simple "toolkit" went way beyond my expectation of what mentoring could do for me. He really helped me focus on priorities. He’s also extremely conscientious and professional and, just as importantly, is enjoyable to work with.

Ian Beswick
Business Consultant to Private Equity and Industry

Terry encouraged us to rethink our whole client proposition, knowing the challenges that lie ahead. Through Terry's efforts, we've improved the clarity of our business objectives, and we continue to greatly value his advice, vision and attention to detail.

Eugene Lawlor
Managing Director
Realm Investment Management

Terry adopts a very results-focused and pragmatic approach. He applies clear structure and logic to problem solving. He combines this with his own considerable experience to develop clear recommendations.

Patrick New
Executive Director, Customer Service
Riverside Group

I have been impressed not only by Terry’s strategic approach and depth of knowledge, but also by his very practical and hands-on way of working with us. Terry initially reviewed the business in depth, then helped us develop a robust and cohesive business development strategy, and has been helping us implement this and turn the business around since that time. He has an impressive ability to see the big picture and understand the "right things" for the business to do to grow profitably.

John Bishop
Colin Bibra Estate Agents

Terry helps me focus on the key aspects of any given situation and offers useful, practical advice on the issue at hand.

Paul van der Walt
Director of Commercial Operations

Terry is a first class mentor. He’s quick to identify what’s important in any given situation and to focus his advice accordingly. He’s helped me be more disciplined in my planning – something that has proved to be highly successful. Terry is also a deft and experienced negotiator, and has much to teach about maintaining both a firm position and friendly relations with the other party. He also helped me raise my networking capability to the next level.

Geoffrey Bothamley
Business Development Manager
Foster Wheeler Energy

Terry’s extensive international experience as an executive leader comes to the fore in his coaching and mentoring at the inflection points in one’s business life. He continues to be inspirational in provoking personal challenge and positive reinvention.

Damian Broadbent
MD and CEO
CSI Leasing Asia Pacific