How a diverse board of directors can benefit a business

6 July, 2023

A board of directors is an important part of a company’s corporate governance structure, as it provides oversight and guidance to the company’s management team. A diverse board of directors that includes individuals with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives can bring a company many benefits in areas such as decision-making, innovation and reputation. 1. Improved […]

How non-executive directors can help companies navigate risk and uncertainty

20 June, 2023

Economic volatility, technological change and increasing competition: these are just some of the challenges that companies face today. To plot a safe course, businesses need strong leadership and a high-performing board of directors. Non-executive directors (NEDs) play a critical role in helping companies to mitigate risk and uncertainty and to build long-term success. Here are […]

Why non-executive directors are key to business growth and innovation

1 June, 2023

In today’s competitive business environment, companies must constantly innovate and grow in order to remain successful. This can be a challenge, particularly for established companies that are facing increased competition and changing market conditions. Non-executive directors (NEDs) play a critical role in helping companies to drive growth and innovation, and can provide a range of […]

Good governance: how a non-executive director will help you achieve it

23 May, 2023

Transparency, accountability and integrity are the hallmarks of good corporate governance. And the key to ensuring that these qualities permeate a company’s culture is to have a strong board with the ability to understand, recognise and nurture them. This ability is key to avoiding corporate governance failures that can have disastrous consequences for a business. […]